Thursday, June 16, 2016

Wither wether

Smello adoreen publik !

This week has had hize and lows on both the advenchur and wether fronts.

We have had a few super hot daze - some of wich had rane - and sum raney daze wich wer cold.  On the raney daze me and Skot hav a deel, insted of a long wak I just go 2 dors down to my frend Sid's to check messages and reply with a post-it of my own.

Prolly the best thing ever hapend in all the six or eleventy daze I've ever been here!!  Skot tuk me on my very own KAR RIDE !!  No vet, no tricking me into the kar just becaz I excaped to the sweet sweet smell of freedum - he akshlee sed "How about a kar ride?"
We went to city hall, he sed to pay property taxis but Ime pretty shur that was just a roose to inkwire about putting me in there hall of fameus dogs or whatever they hav like that in this 2bit town.

 Kattee still comes to see me on Thursdays our regler dinner together altho this week it waz Sunday its all the same to me.  The zombee shows ar off right now but her and Als still manage to find some splatterfest or other if Skot is tooterin, wen he's around more like CSI Los Angelis.

My favrit tootee is Kolby and Ime her favrit dog.  Skot was stunned and amazed when I walked (backwards! ya, no biggie) on my back legs along with her I waz so happy she kame over.  Tooterin is running hot and kold at the moment - the year is winding down but that sumtimes meens extra mathemergencies.

Heres sum pichers of me after my bath yesterday, I was practissing my West Minster Kennel Klub posing.

PS - pleeze tell Als she dozen have to be so violet scrubbing my teeth - the pore gurl kant seem to tell the diffrens between plak and enamel.

Jakkie is bak from her trip and kame over to see me. Thats hoo Skot is talking to, but you can see who he likes best.

At bedtime sumtimes Skot finds me heer in the dark.  I dunno why he wont just leave me be.  oh well, the siren song of the bedtime cooky gets me moving.

How many fish are you bringing me?  The early ones must be amazingly ripe by now!

Licks and wags,
Me xx

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Thems the brakes

I revized last weeks post once I had a little time to wurk on it.
Chek it out, fans!

This week tho I hav not been much intrested in the komputer.

My favrit Granny fell down and went to the peeple hospital.

She's tuff like me, tho! dont worry  

see? heer she is less than wun day after they gave her a titanium rod.
I askt for the old bone but apparently shes still uzing it.

Normly I snuggle next to Skot at TV time

but any port in a storm, Als iznt around as much so I figger she needs it rite now

The new rug at kamp makes a grate kamofalge 

they shud stik wun outside so I can sneek up on varmints  

In clozing, a few points of intrest
akshly, this furst is more a komplaint - please rite to the Kamp Direktor about this :
ther has been a change of polisee → no more "Red Bowl" !!

you remeber? the best thing here!  table skraps in the fridge evry day!
SKOT GIVES ME NOT WUN SINGLE GODDAM THING FROM THE TABLE NOW. no peenut butter toast, no plate likkin - frikkin nuthin!*  He has instigated a krazy "treats in the boal" proceedure. He "klames" I am getting as many or more goodies - ya, right, I can count to leventy you know!
* if , okay .... , you dont count soup krackers - he nose ime nuts for soup krackers - those i still get

and a closing remark - this week a fan we talkt to on are wak said I had "Nice eyebrows!"  bet you guys dont heer that evry day

okay, back to Kamp R and R  [Ruff and Rollinit]

love, me

Friday, June 3, 2016

just a kwikkie - REVIZED

all rite!  heerz me in wurd and pitchers last week

Viziters :

Als frend Mary - a party aint a party without me in the middel of it

Jeska came over and Skot got her a shmancy koffee to try to keep her around - with me heer hood want to leeve anyway?!

Jakkie - is more of a challenj to keep close but we did give her dinner and a wak. 

This was her last week wurkin in North Van, and now she is in Skotsdale!    120 degrees

sumtimes koffee is here in the "korner pocket"

wich I have made nice and habitable

wate! where are you takin that muffin so fast!?

lets see wats on the ajenda today  

looks like tooterin this afternoon

now you see him

now you dont

ah, phew!  he's bak

Ime getting used to the new flora around heer
THIS time Ile sleep on it, not pee on it

this time

Outside things for me to gard are reely growing too

Zoltan the Painter Man kant get in the kichin, 

ile go show him thers another way

what the !?

Gardner Skot likes this view of the front dore

this view is more my favrit   heh heh

Als likes the guessed room like this

me, I prefer to add my own kashay

if I holt still you kant see me rite?

my first selfie !  

even when she finds me like this Als puts me on the other side of the dore

no dogs on the bed my bum! rite Skot?

downstares they keep the guessed supplise wich is very konsidrit

heyyyyy, wate a minnit - are those "deecoys" on the rite?

nice try! I can sniff out the reel thing a mile away

thinkin up some more mischif  

akshually i need to sleep on it

it's been a ruff day, see you soon